Poetry Sound Library (poet's voices)

Poetry Sound Library is a dream: we wanted to hear the poets' voices and we wanted to see where they come from. The map collects voices and poems in the original language. Poems can be replaced but only ONE POEM at a time is allowed on the map. The voice of living poets from all around the world is accessible by clicking on the marker on the map. The yellow marker is for living poets the blue marker is a parallel project to recuperate digitalised voices of non living poets of the XX and XXI century.This is a no-profit project and no money is requested to be part of the map. https://poetrysoundlibrary.weebly.com/ 
To partecipate, collaborate, join the project or propose a partnership please write to: poetrysoundlibrary@gmail.com 
Poetry SOUND Library is a non profit project; the only purpose is to promote poetry and to share the rich patrimony of voices of poetry. All the rights of the poems on the maps belong to each author and we are happy to amend or replace any entry that does not satisfy the author.