Para-Sites 2014 Distributed Exhibition Project (online exhibition)

When: April 30 - May 20
Where: Santa Cruz/Bloomington/New York City (US), Marseille (France), Auckland (New Zealand), Trento (Italy), Seoul (South Korea), Belfast/Dublin (Ireland), Berlin (Germany), the World Wide Web.
Artists: Adelin Schweitzer (Deletere Group), Broooks Wenzel (AKA Yoidles! Productions), Gavin Rouille, ETC, Kara J. Schmidt, osvaldo cibils, Ralf Sander, Shannon Novak, Weird Shift (Carl Diehl, Rosalynn Rothstein, Adam Rothstein), Wes Modes, Yunjin La-mei Woo, Zachary Davidson & Seth Daulton
Curator: Yunjin La-mei Woo
Para-Sites is a distributed exhibition project where given modes of production, circulation, and consumption are “hijacked” or re-appropriated for creative purposes. It is a network of distributed practices that operate in the same time frame with a common theoretical and tactical approach. This project starts from the realization that there is a significant lack of platforms and opportunities to show and promote non conventional and noncommercial creative practices and that such practices can better encounter publics and build a network without relying on the traditional gallery system and its physical and economic constraints.