Debacle: failed and disastrous performances (Electronic Cottage)

DEBACLE: ​failed and disastrous performances is a collaborative community article created in a cooperative effort by Electronic Cottage contributors and friends. Adam Naworal, Wolfgang Dorninger, Lord Litter, Tom Furgas, Chris Phinney, John M. Bennett, Dylan Houser, Mike Nobody, Ditlev Buster, Eduardo Gozne, Crank Sturgeon, {AN} EeL, Richard Franecki, Little Fyodor, Michael Ridge, Evan Cantor, David Nadeau, Leslie Singer, Fly Mordecai, Charles Rice Goff III, Jim Barker & Doug Murphy, W.A. Davison, osvaldo cibils, Hal Harmon, Robin B. James, Penny Grune-Fae, and Hal McGee.